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Attorneys Argue Evidence In Mohamed Mohamud Case

Attorneys in the case of an alleged Portland Pioneer Square bomb plot are sparring over evidence.

They’re concerned with many kinds of documents, emails, and recordings. One meeting in particular could be important to the prosecution.

Federal prosecutors say they have many recordings of meetings between Mohamed Osman Mohamud and two undercover employees.

Defense attorneys want to see the video, including footage in which the defendant is not present, but FBI operatives are.

Also, they’ve asked to inspect a recording device that failed to gather a complete record of a key meeting.

Karen Greenberg is the Executive Director of New York University’s Center on Law and Security.

She says this isn’t the first time federal prosecutors have been unable to produce recorded evidence to nail down who originated a plot.

Karen Greenberg: “It’s common that we don’t have the initial encounter, for example, in a case right now in the case of Cromitie et al. It’s kind of a frustration – trying to understand that piece of it without being taped.”

Prosecutors say there’s no legal basis to justify examining the device. They say critical conversations were partially overheard by other FBI personnel listening on walkie talkies and earpieces.

The case may or may not go to trial.

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