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Audit Finds Few Problems With Portland's Payments

An audit of 12 million transactions conducted by the The City of Portland has flagged a small percentage of them. 

The audit found problems with about one in every 120,000 transactions. They ranged from the city making duplicate payments or city employees being paid for contract work — contrary to city policy.

Drummond Kahn, the city’s director of audit services, says they even found payments made to people who were dead.

“There were employee records with incorrect social security numbers that are being reviewed and resolved by management. In most of the cases though, these were employees who’d passed away and there were final payments made by the city to their estates, but those payments turned out to be proper.”

Portland also made payments to firms that didn’t have a city business license — including more than $5 million to Cale. That company provided Portland’s parking kiosks.

Its name came up during the federal corruption investigation of former parking manager Ellis McCoy.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams agreed with the report’s findings and its recommendations.

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