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Audit Finds Oregon-Trained Teachers Unprepared For The Classroom

A state audit, out Tuesday says Oregon teaching colleges and school districts are not doing enough to put quality teachers in school classrooms.

Flags for school crossing guards wait for the morning rush.

Flags for school crossing guards wait for the morning rush.

Rebecca Galloway/OPB

Half the school administrators that auditors heard from said Oregon-trained teachers are not ready for their assignments. But even more administrators said they lacked mentoring supports to help the new teachers.

Secretary of State Kate Brown says new legislation should help and Oregon colleges and school districts are collaborating more on student-teacher experiences and mentoring. But it’s not enough. 

“So it is my sense that we are not halfway there, and we definitely have to move forward,” Brown says.

Brown advocates using performance measures and an outside evaluator to monitor teaching schools and their graduates.

But university system vice chancellor Karen Marrongelle is skeptical.

“One of the downsides to having an independent reviewer is the information is further away from the people who can actually make changes to programs,” she says.

Auditors and university officials agree on the need for more funding.

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