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Audit Finds Security Concerns At State Data Center

A new audit released Friday finds ongoing security problems at Oregon's State Data Center.

The Salem facility serves as the central hub for most state government computing needs.

The audit by the Secretary of Stateí's office found, "long-standing security weaknesses." Auditors didn't outline what those weaknesses are.

The report said in most cases they could be resolved relatively easily. But the audit found that Data Center managers have been unable to resolve internal differences over how to address security issues.

Lonn Hoklin speaks for the Department of Administrative Services, which oversees the State Data Center. He says there have been no successful attempts to hack into the massive database.

Lonn Hoklin: "Every day that system repels and deals with literally thousands of attempted intrusions and attempts to get into the system."

Previous audits of the data center questioned whether it was delivering on the promise to save money by consolidating computer services. The $63 million facility opened three years ago.

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