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Available Industrial Land In Short Supply Around Portland

Government and business leaders say a new report shows that more needs to be done to make more land available for industrial development around Portland.

The Portland area’s urban growth boundary focuses development of all kinds in urban areas. But a new report backed by the Port of Portland and Business Oregon says most of the available industrial land inside — or close to the boundary — is years away from development.

It found nine sites that could be built on in the next six months.

But dozens of sites need road or sewer improvements, or have environmental constraints – like pollution or wetlands. The study found ownership is an issue, too. For instance, one 85-acre site has 17 different owners.

Metro Council president Tom Hughes hopes to get help from Salem.

“The cost of bringing those sites on line ought to be a partnership between the state and the local governments.”

Hughes says it’s important to have multiple parcels available — so that industrial developers can choose which one fits the best.

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