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Average Cost Of Health Insurance Plans Drops

The average health insurance rates in Oregon will be lower next year, according to new data from the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.

The state just released prices for next year’s health insurance market place and while some rates are increasing, the average rate dropped.

Right now, the average monthly premium for an individual standard plan, for a 40-year-old in Portland, is $262 .

Next year, it’ll be about $250.

Similar drops can be found for small employers who want to insure their staff.

But the takeaway, says Jesse O’Brien with OSPIRG, a consumer watchdog group, is do your comparison shopping.

“It looks like there will be some rates that are lower than the rates that are available today, so that’s a good thing,” he said.

“But some people will be seeing some increases and if those increases are too much for them they ought to shop around. They do have options and insurers can no longer turn you down for a pre-existing condition, so it’s easier than ever to switch coverage.”

The enrollment window for Oregon’s health insurance marketplace opens November 15.

Department of Consumer and Business Services Rate Filing Decision

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