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Backers Of Proposed Natural Gas Terminal Undeterred By FERC Decision

Backers of a liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for the Oregon Coast are not deterred by the withdrawal of federal approvals for the project. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ruled Monday that Jordan Cove could not rely on prior approvals of the terminal and pipeline.

A recent tour of the proposed natural gas terminal site.

Amelia Templeton / OPB

In short, FERC said its earlier approvals assumed the project slated for the Port of Coos Bay would import natural gas – not export it, as planned now. Jordan Cove project manager, Bob Braddock, says his group is already working on getting its export application ready.

Braddock explained, “We expect to have our application in front of them in September for our export certificate, and then have them issue an export certificate, oh, by September-October of 2013. We’re on track with that, and nothing that happened yesterday really changes any of that.”

One FERC commissioner also raised safety concerns, because the proposed terminal would be located near an airport. A dissenting commissioner accused his colleagues of picking “winners and losers” in deciding to withdraw approvals, granted more than two years ago.

In recent months, Oregon officials – including Senator Ron Wyden — have alleged that exporting natural gas would be detrimental to the US, because it would raise prices.