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Bankrupt LNG Company Owes Clatsop County $180,000

Clatsop County officials say a company looking to build a liquified natural gas facility on the Columbia River, that has declared bankruptcy,  owes more than $180,000 in processing fees.

The multi-million dollar bankruptcy of Bradwood Landing and its Texas-based parent company, NorthernStar, includes a $186,000 tab owed to Clatsop County.

The county’s transportation and community development director, Ed Wegner, is hoping the LNG company will pay.

Ed Wegner: “Bradwood has always paid their fees to us, and we would hope that they would honor that in the future.”

Wegner says the tab is likely to exceed $200,000, once he adds up the most recent work by county staffers and contractors.

He says the county plans to pursue the bill in bankruptcy court, if the company doesn’t pay. He says the county would dig into a contingency fund if it’s not paid. NorthernStar has declined comment.

Clatsop County will soon start billing another company, Oregon LNG, for evaluating its gas pipeline proposal through the county.

Wegner says the county may ask for a bond, or other security, from Oregon LNG, in light of the Bradwood bankruptcy.