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Battle Ground School Will Consider Second Tax Levy

Battle Ground school board members will consider at their meeting Monday asking local voters to approve a property tax levy. If that sounds familiar, Battle Ground voters rejected a renewal of a local levy earlier this month.

The levy provides nearly 20-percent of the school district’s operating revenue, and losing it could mean 95 fewer teaching positions.

Gregg Herrington is a spokesman for Battle Ground schools.

“I was surprised, I think most of us were – yet when you look back at the history of this district, which has had a real spotty record of passing levies consistently, maybe we shouldn’t have been.”

Herrington says it’s happened a few times that Battle Ground voters have rejected a tax levy, and then turned around and approved it later in the year. But Herrington says there was also a difficult school year recently when there was no tax levy.  

Board members are eyeing an election date in April for the second attempt.

In the February 12th election, Washington voters approved all 49 other local school levies on the ballot.

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