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Beachcombers Find Cannons On Oregon Beach

CannonTwo beachcombers near Arch Cape, Oregon found an unusual item on Presidents' Day — an old pair of iron cannons that appear to be from a 19th century shipwreck.

State officials are not certain where the cannons are from, but say people are speculating they could be from the 1846 shipwreck of the USS Shark. 

Chris Havel is a spokesman for the Oregon Parks & Recreation Department.

Chris Havel: “It might be accurate, but you know, historians like to work with what they can see rather than what they can guess.   So we’ll give them a chance to review it, poke it, prod it, and try and figure out exactly where it’s from.”

Another cannon from the USS Shark washed ashore in the same area about 150 years ago, giving Cannon Beach its name.