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Beaverton District Tries A New Way Of Shuffling Teachers

The Beaverton School District is reassigning 380 teachers for next school year, based in large part on what they wanted to teach – and where. That’s a contrast to moves made last summer.

Many of the 365 Beaverton teachers who were transferred last summer were unhappy about it. The district says budget cuts forced those moves.

This year, the district isn’t cutting the budget, thanks to voter approval last month of a tax levy.

District human resources chief, Sue Robertson says the district started talking about possible assignment shifts back in February.

“It allows us to put people into places, where they feel their skills are matched to their actual teaching placement. I think principals are satisfied with it, and the majority of our educators are pleased to have some of the placements they’ve received for next year.”

Robertson says the shuffling is unlikely to satisfy everyone.

Beaverton’s teachers union issued a statement calling the process “vastly improved” compared to what took place last summer.

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