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Beaverton School Supporters Applaud Passage Of Levy

Beaverton school supporters are applauding results from Tuesday’s Special Election, showing a five-year operating levy is headed to victory.

School officials say the Beaverton levy will mean the difference between adding back more than 100 teachers – or cutting beyond the more than 300 teaching positions eliminated a year ago.

Julie Bennett is a Beaverton parent who worked in support of the levy. She says parents rallied around preventing more cuts in the classroom.

Bennet said, “We knew at each school how many more teachers we would get, and what that would look like for our kids. I could sell it from the standpoint of – we are going to see more bodies in with our kids – and that was what was most important.”

Bennett says early polling showed the general community was split on the Beaverton’s levy, but that parents with kids in schools were solidly in favor. She says the key was getting those parents to vote.

The levy costs a dollar twenty five per thousand of assessed value – or about $290 a year for a median-priced home.

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