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Beggars And Choosers, Motherhood Is Not A Class Privilege

MotherhoodIf there’s one sound effect that might accompany a new photo exhibit of mothers opening Thursday at Portland State University and the YWCA in Portland, it’s this…[Clearing throat.]

The exhibit is called Beggars and Choosers, Motherhood is NOT a class privilege in America. And curator and historian Ricki Solinger says what it is, is primarily an interruption. An interruption in the usual perception of who is a mother, a legitimate mother.

She points out that mostly Americans think of legitimate mothers as those who  can afford a certain level of provision for their children — in other words, women of a certain class.

We caught up with Ricki Solinger just before the exhibit opened. She says the idea that only certain women should be mothers peaked in the Ronald Reagan Administration.

View images from the exhibit.

Listen to an extended interview with Ricki Solinger

Listen to interview with exhibit coordinator Patricia Schechter

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