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Bend Committee Considers Options For Mirror Pond

A committee in Bend has the job of deciding how to deal with decades of sediment build up in the city’s iconic Mirror Pond. That group is moving away from a proposal that would remove the dam that forms the pond.

Last month, the dam’s owner, PacificCorp indicated it would no longer operate the dam.

The city is now in talks with the utility about a possible transfer of ownership.

City Councilor Mark Capell says the the utility ought to just give the dam to the city, because to remove it would be more expensive.

“Our initial estimate to decommission the dam is is $11 million. So we think what Pacific Power would be better off doing is putting money toward repairing the dam and potentially dredging part of Mirror Pond and they would spend less than they would if they were decommissioning it,” he explained.

PacificCorp spokesman Bob Gravely thinks Capell’s estimates are too high. He says if a deal is reached, PacificCorps will need to be able to demonstrate to regulators that its decisions were in the best interest of all its ratepayers — not just the ones in Bend.

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