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Bend Group Appeals OSU-Cascades Decision

OSU-Cascades' site plan for the four-year campus in Bend.

OSU-Cascades’ site plan for the four-year campus in Bend.

Courtesy OSU Cascades

Bend citizens group Truth In Site appealed a decision Friday about the plan for OSU-Cascades. Earlier this month, the state Land Use Board of Appeals affirmed the city’s approval of the university’s construction plan for an initial 10-acre campus.

Truth In Site argued that OSU-Cascades should be required to submit a plan for the entire proposed campus, instead of only for the first 10 acres.

OSU-Cascades said earlier this month that it will begin building the campus regardless of legal appeals.

“We’ve made it clear from the beginning that we’re going to go all the way to the state supreme court if necessary, ” said Truth In Site spokesperson Scott Morgan earlier this month.

“Under local code and state law, development is allowed to continue while an appeal is pending,” said OSU-Cascades Vice President Becky Johnson in a June 18 release.

The campus’ initial construction will include site preparation. Johnson said the school will follow all local permitting and building rules. 

The case now moves to the Oregon Court of Appeals.

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