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Bend Hit With String Of Fires Near Church

Fire investigators in Bend say they’re still trying to determine what caused 6 separate fires early Wednesday morning.

David Nogueras/OPB

All happened within a one block radius near the edge of downtown.  Fire officials say the damage was limited to property.  No one was hurt.

Two of those fires occurred at buildings owned by the Trinity Episcopal Church.

Roy Green is the church rector and senior pastor.   He says when he arrived at the church a little after 3 am, police and fire officials told him there appeared to be signs of a break in.

“It was reported to me that a door was kicked in on this side and glass was broken in the other building and someone came in from the outside,” Green said.

Local authorities have requested assistance from the Oregon State Police, the state Fire Marshal and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Green says the pastor at the local Methodist church has offered a space to hold services. 

The Red Cross has agreed to help reestablish operations at the church kitchen. 

Green says staff provide about 4500 free meals each month to those in need. 

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