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Bend Police: 500 Hit With Credit Card Fraud

Investigators with the Bend Police Department say the number of people there who’ve fallen victim to a rash of credit card fraud has ballooned to more than 500.

An investigation got underway about two weeks ago. Bend police started getting calls from people reporting their credit cards, or in some cases debit cards had been used fraudulently.

Lt. Ben Gregory is with the Bend Police Department. He says all the cases seem to have a common thread.

“When these debit or credit cards were used here in the Bend area, some hours later, or in some cases some minutes later, their number or a card swipe was being used in say, New York City,” Gregory said.

Fraudulent charges totaling more than 200 thousand dollars have been made across the US as well as in Canada and Mexico. Gregory says the investigation is ongoing. The Bend police are working with banks and some vendors. The department is also consulting with the FBI.

Gregory says people can protect themselves by paying close attention to their credit card statements and by contacting their financial institutions if they suspect they are victims of fraud.