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Bend Residents Look Forward To See What's Under Mirror Pond

Now that downtown Bend’s Mirror Pond dam has sprung its third leak in five years, residents are looking forward to seeing what the area might look like as a natural river.

The dam’s owner is PacifiCorp.

The utility found  the leak in the 100-year-old dam last week.

The discovery has breathed new life into talks about whether it should be repaired  or removed.

Speaking on OPB’s Think Out Loud, Spencer Dahl of the Old Bend Neighborhood Association says when the gates are opened for the repair, the water level could drop 10 feet:

“So we’re going to get a real opportunity to see the river in it’s natural channel,” he said. “See how much land’s around it. It’s going to be muddy and dirty, but we’re going to get an idea of the volume of land and the path of the river at least.”

Dahl says local residents are split on whether the dam should stay or be removed.

A spokesman says PacifiCorp is looking into the leak and whether it make sense to spend the money to continue operating the dam: to sell it; or to remove it.

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