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Bend Transgendered Man Says He Will Give Birth

Thomas Beatie lives in Bend with his wife, Nancy. In the upcoming issue of The Advocate magazine, Beatie claims he is 5 months pregnant. In the story, he says he is a transgendered man but decided to carry a child because his wife is unable to give birth.

According to Deschutes County records, the Beaties are like many couples in Bend. They are married, they own several homes and run a small business.

But in the April issue of the gay rights magazine The Advocate, Thomas Beatie wrote a first-person column where he talks openly about being born a woman and living as a legally transgendered man. And he claims he became pregnant using artificial insemination.

Shannon Minter is the legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights. He says many transgendered men have given birth before, just not as publicly.

Shannon Minter: “This is not a political issue or a legal issue. Its really a personal issue of a particular family and just that wonderful miracle of birth.”

In an email, Beatie says he has signed two exclusive media contracts and so wouldn't comment until next week.

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