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Bend Weighs The Future Of Juniper Ridge Development

As the economy continues to improve in Central Oregon, city leaders in Bend are re-visiting plans to develop 1500 acres of city-owned property in the north part of town.  The city has hired consultants to help chart a path forward.

The city originally planned to develop its Juniper Ridge property in partnership with a private company.  But the deal fell through in 2008, and the city was forced pay the developer $2.5 million for work already done on a master development plan. 

Late last year Bend hired the PFM Group and ECOnorthwest to help figure out the city’s options.  Consultants met Tuesday with city councilors and the Juniper Ridge management advisory board.

Assistant city manager, Jon Skidmore, says the city could partner again with a master developer or it could sell off the land.

“We’re still at that infancy stage as far as to doing our due diligence and identifying a host of options and from there selecting the option that works best for our community, our city council and our staff,” said Skidmore.

Skidmore says the group plans to reconvene in a few months.

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