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Bend’s Freemasons Talk About 100 Years Of Secrets

Officers 2009The Masonic Lodge of Bend is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

The Freemasons is a secretive international men’s group.  And it's been around for at least 400 years.

The Bend chapter has spent months organizing a treasure hunt, a dinner, and a showcase of the charitable work the group does.

But, interestingly, as its big birthday approaches, the group is in the midst of reinventing itself.

Central Oregon correspondent Ethan Lindsey produced our glimpse into the world of Freemasons.  The Bend chapter was founded in June, 100 years ago.

The music behind me is the overture to Mozart's opera, "The Magic Flute".  It's been called "The Freemason Opera" because of its Masonic symbolism.

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