The Benefits of Gusbandry webisode premiered Friday night at the Portland Film Festival.  

It comes from director Alicia J. Rose. She’s known mostly for her work with bands, directing videos for Lauren Gibson and bands Cake and Mastodon.  

A frame from 'The Benefits of Gusbandry' webisode.

A frame from ‘The Benefits of Gusbandry’ webisode.

Alicia J. Rose

So, what is “gusbandry?” Rose explains it as “the act of attaining and/or having a gusband, ie: a gay husband, ie: a gay best friend. A man who is there for you, like a husband surrogate without the problems of regular husbandry.”  

OPB’s John Sepulvado spoke to her about her foray into comedy and what it’s like having multiple gusbands.