Clackamas County officials are scheduled to vote March 1 on whether to support a proposed $306,000 study that would evaluate the feasibility of a bike and pedestrian bridge that would cross the Willamette River from the east end of Lake Oswego to the Oak Grove neighborhood just south of Milwaukie.

“It’s an exciting project, long desired by the community,” says Lake Oswego City Councilor Jeff Gudman, “and it’s probably the most significant active transportation project in the Metro region.”

County planners say the project would connect two high-density residential areas on either side of the river and would expand access to transit — the Oak Grove end of the bridge would likely be within 2 miles of the Park Avenue station on the MAX Orange line.

County Commissioner Paul Savas estimates that there are about 70,000 people on both sides of the river who would benefit from the bridge.

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