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Bike/Car Battles Continue Fueled By Alcohol And Rage

A couple of bizarre road rage incidents have kept Portland police busy lately.  Just last week a cyclist wielded his bike as a weapon and attacked a driver in Southeast Portland.

And now a motorist is in jail on charges of second degree assault, driving under the influence, and reckless driving for chasing down a biker in Southeast Portland on Sunday.

Portland Police Sergeant Brian Schmautz called the second incident surreal — the motorist drove at high speed for 2 and half blocks with the cyclist on his hood.  But he said the two road rage incidents have a common thread.

Brian Schmautz: "A motorist who is in the first situation telling the bicyclist they need to slow down and be more responsible, and in the second situation you have a cyclist telling a motorist almost exactly same thing.  And in both situations these confrontations escalate."

Schmautz said excessive alcohol consumption factored into both situations.  Yet another collision happened Monday afternoon in Southeast Portland.

Police say it appears a cyclist ran a red light and stuck a truck near Southeast 50th and Lincoln streets.  The 28 year old cyclist is in serious condition at OHSU.

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