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Bill Sizemore Found In Contempt Of Court

A Multnomah County judge has found initiative activist Bill Sizemore in contempt of court.

The judge said Sizemore ignored a court injunction against moving funds around to pay for his political activities.

Sizemore is currently collecting signatures for five ballot initiatives even though in 2002, a jury found his organizations engaged in racketeering, fraud, and forgery in relation to previous initiatives.

The jury also awarded $2.5 million to the two unions that sued Sizemore.  Portions of those rulings remain on appeal.

Sizemore also plans to appeal the latest contempt charge and says he’s busy getting several measures on the November ballot.

Bill Sizemore: “I have found a way to put the measures on the ballot and give voters those choices without me actually handling the money.  And so I’m still able to put measures on the ballot, I just have to do it in a sort of round-about way.”

In July, a court order prohibiting Sizemore from directly participating in financing ballot initiatives expires — and Sizemore says he’s planning to introduce even more ballot initiatives then.

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