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A Bill Sizemore Sighting! In Redmond

Over the past decade, Bill Sizemore has been the driving force behind many Oregon ballot initiatives.

And he’s said that he wants to put 13 initiatives on the 2010 general election ballot.

But Sizemore's circumstances have changed, as Central Oregon correspondent Ethan Lindsey reports

Bill Sizemore has moved to Redmond.

That, he would confirm.

He wouldn’t comment on his political plans.

In the past, his activities have been bankrolled in large part by two men: Nevada businessman Loren Parks and Dick Wendt, the cofounder of wood products maker Jeld-Wen.

Wendt’s organization is based in Klamath Falls – where Sizemore just moved from.

Sizemore did say he is “slowing down” some of his signature gathering efforts.

Still, he says the rumors of his political demise are greatly exaggerated.

Bill Sizemore: “I think there’s been some celebrating based on some rumors that have been going around. But if I were the teacher’s union, I would expect a battle in 2010 at least as vigorous as the last one.”

Sizemore is in a legal battle over his taxes.

He faces the possibility of criminal prosecution, and could be banned from working with non-profit political groups.

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