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Bill To Ban High School Tuition Meets Resistance

A bill to ban Oregon public schools from charging tuition met stiff resistance at a house committee meeting Monday.

House Bill 2748 would end the practice at some school districts of charging out-of-district students thousands of dollars in tuition.

Parents and administrators from the Riverdale School District, southwest of Portland, say the bill would cut Riverdale’s budget by 21 percent.

Democratic Senator Richard Devlin co-chairs the Ways and Means Committee. Riverdale is in his senate district.

“The ramifications could be very severe for districts – particularly for one of my districts. I do not want to take any time away from the ability of my constituents to testify, so I’m going to limit my testimony. But I want to tell you all that I am very concerned about the impact that this bill has, and I hope to see a better bill, should this bill ever arrive in the senate.”

House Democrat Sara Gelser chairs the education committee. She says the committee won’t vote on the bill until next week.

Gelser says the bill is a follow-up to a bill passed two years ago, often called “open enrollment.” That law allows children to attend school outside of their own district without needing permission of their district.

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