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Blue Heron Closes, 175 Jobs Lost

The Blue Heron Paper Company in Oregon City closed Friday, with the loss of 175 jobs. Now  city leaders and residents are wondering what might become of the location.

Bankruptcy hearings for Blue Heron are scheduled for Monday.

While the workers owned a lot of stock in the company, Wells Fargo is also a creditor. So it remains to be seen who will end up owning the land, which sits on the river at Willamette Falls.

Oregon City Mayor, Doug Neely, says the jobs are a big loss and there’s speculation about whether a new mill could go on the site or whether it could be turned into shops or offices.

Doug Neely: “Maybe even a hotel somewhere around there or something of that nature. Before American and Canadian settlement of this area, it was a major fishing center. Maybe the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Rhonde would have some ideas of things that could happen to that site that memorializes their history as well.”

Neely says any redevelopment will have to be incorporated in the city’s comprehensive plan.

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