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Boardman Biofuel Plant To Start Production

Colorado-based ZeaChem announced Monday that it has finished building a biorefinery in Boardman.  It plans to start producing biofuel by the end of the year.

The biorefinery is a demonstration facility. It’s capable of producing 250,000 gallons of ethanol a year from wood and farm scraps.

Carrie Atiyeh is the director of public affairs for ZeaChem. She says the company is also working on a much larger commercial-scale refinery that will be capable of producing 25 million gallons of ethanol.

“I don’t think we know at this point in time where exactly the fuel will end up, but certainly Oregon’s Clean Fuels program that the state is implementing is a really strong incentive for advanced biofuels to be produced and consumed in Oregon.”

The company also announced $25 million in new investments and plans to bring its commercial-scale plant online by 2015.

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