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Board Seeks Solutions To Healthcare Problems

Oregon’s Health Fund Board began meeting Tuesday to develop a comprehensive health reform plan for the state.  One of the goals of the board is to ensure access to healthcare for all Oregonians. Pete Springer reports.

 Health Care
OSPIRG members draw attention to health insurance problem.

The Health Fund Board began accepting public comments on how healthcare in Oregon can become more efficient and cover more people.

The meeting drew students from OSPIRG, who gathered outside to draw attention to a process they want more Oregonians to get involved in.

Neil McLeod, a healthcare reform coordinator for OSPIRG, addressed Oregonians directly. 

Neil McLeod: “You’re the people who are most affected by this and you need to watch this and give your input to what you want from a better healthcare system in Oregon.”

The Oregon Health Fund Board was appointed by Governor Kulogoski last year and is expected to release a draft plan on healthcare reform this spring.

The scope includes public and private health insurance, interaction with federal law, and defining benefits.

The board's goal is to come up with a healthcare reform bill for the 2009 legislative session.    

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