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Brady Announces Candidacy For Portland Mayor's Job

The co-founder of New Seasons grocery store, Eileen Brady, announced her candidacy for Mayor of Portland Wednesday. She lives in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood, and raised her kids in Portland.

Eileen Brady: “I think that we can be the greenest city in the world with strong and safe neighborhoods, and have a vibrant economy. If we live within our means and our budget. We have to manage our costs, we have to establish our priorities, we have to stick to them and we could actually get this done.”

Others have expressed an interest in the mayor’s job. Former city commissioner, Charlie Hales, announced his candidacy last month. The current mayor, Sam Adams, hasn’t said whether he plans to run again.

The names of several other high-profile Portlanders have been mentioned, but they don’t have fundraising committees at this point.

Candidates can’t actually file with the city until September.

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