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Bridge To The Future, Bridges Of The Past

Four of Portland’s bridges were listed this week on the National Register of Historic Places.

Bob Hadlow of the Oregon Department of Transportation says the Morrison Bridge, the Hawthorne Bridge, the Burnside Bridge and the Broadway Bridge are all stand-out examples of their type.

“These are cool bridges and some of them are one of a kind structures and they really are a testament to the engineering of nearly 100 years ago, at least 102 years ago with the Hawthorne, for ingenuity in spanning rivers with moveable bridges to allow river traffic and the growing road traffic at the time.”

Hadlow says Multnomah County owns the four bridges, and it was the County that looked for the listing.

He says the listing does not mean future changes can’t be made — to improve traffic flow for example.

Hadlow says agencies that own the other six bridges that span the Willamette between the Columbia River and Lake Oswego, can also apply for listings if they wish.

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