The Oregon coast mostly escaped serious harm Friday, when the huge earthquake in Japan sent a tsunami across the Pacific.  But the water did hit hard on the southern Oregon coast.

The state police say waves damaged the harbor at Brookings.

Officers are turning away the public until the danger of high water has passed.

Photos taken by the police show some recreational boats foundering with water well over their gunwales.

Ralph Brown owns a seventy-five foot trawler out of Brookings. He says damage to boats is worrisome. But he’s thinking about where boats at sea will end up.

Ralph Brown: “Now that the ports have been damaged, we’re not sure where they go. They probably can’t come back into the ports at Crescent City and Brookings. They may have to go to Coos Bay or Eureka. It’s not so bad for big boats like mine, but some of the small boats may have an interesting trip.”

Authorities in Southern Oregon and Northern California say a number of people were swept off beaches Friday.

Four who were washed out to sea near Gold Beach survived.