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Business Is Improving For Christmas Tree Growers

Christmas tree growers in the Pacific Northwest say business is looking better this year. The industry has been in a slump for several years.

Christmas tree farm (file photo).

Christmas tree farm (file photo).

Kristian Foden-Vencil/OPB

Some investors and tree growers new to the industry planted millions of Christmas trees in the early 2000s. Seven years later, the market was flooded and prices plummeted. That drove out a substantial number of tree growers. 

Having fewer tree producers has helped the industry and it’s seeing an uptick in orders and prices.

Bryan Ostlund is with the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association. He says retail prices for Christmas trees in the Northwest should remain stable.

The wholesale price for those trees going to Texas or Florida will be up slightly, not a huge amount. I think we’ll continue to see small incremental increases, but again, a lot of the business now is being driven by some of the big chain stores: the Home Depots, Costcos, Lowes,” he said.

Ostlund says the number of tree growers in the area has reduced by nearly half.

Oregon leads the nation in Christmas tree production and Washington is sixth.

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