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Businesses Use Portland's 'Weird' Vibe To Attract Businesses

Hundreds of business leaders from the greater Portland area converged on the Portland Art Museum Thursday for an economic summit.

They heard how there’s an up-tick in local economic activity, particularly in the software and manufacturing sectors. And design— footwear design, for example— is also doing well.

Skip Newberry is with the Technology Association of Oregon. He  says he’s seeing strong demand for products both locally and globally.

He says his main problem is attracting enough qualified people. So, he’s using Portland’s image from shows like Portlandia, as a recruiting tool, “As long as you can have the weirdness, sort of quirkiness along with a credible well-paying job. People will take it any day.”

Beaverton’s Mayor, Denny Doyle says he’s also seeing an increase in economic activity. But he uses Portland’s image in a different way— in contrast to Beaverton,”We actually talk about the safe city. Portland keeps it weird, because they attract the young professionals.

And I laugh with my friends in Portland and say, well, when they grow up and have families they just may come to Beaverton, where it’s a little calmer.”

The Portland Development Commission and Business Oregon announced Thursday that Magnum USA, a maker of military and law enforcement footwear, is bringing 10 management positions to the city.

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