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Can The Urban Growth Boundary Accommodate Next Twenty Years Of Growth?

A new report out today suggests the Portland area’s controversial growth boundary may already be big enough to accommodate development over the next twenty years.  

The Urban Growth Report lays out forecasts that will be used to either allow more land to be developed, or to keep the growth boundary as it is.

But some local leaders, like Wilsonville Mayor Tim Knapp say predictions have been off in the past:  “To date, Metro’s population projections have consistently said that Wilsonville should be growing at a 1.8% per year compound rate. We know for a fact that for the last decade it has grown at 2.8%.”  

Others have argued that if Metro doesn’t expand the boundary, housing prices will skyrocket. Metro planners emphasize that how the area grows will depend on decisions made at the city and county level — on transportation spending and affordable housing, for instance. The Metro Council won’t vote on the Urban Growth Boundary until next year.