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Candidates Tackle Family Questions At Forum

Some of the leading candidates for Portland City Council and the Mayor’s office fielded question about how they’d support families. The forum, sponsored by Family Forward Oregon and the MotherPAC, was held at a local school. Candidates were asked to talk about how the city can influence and interact with state and federal policies.

So what’s the most important thing an elected official can do to support families? Here’s how mayoral hopefuls Charlie Hales, Jefferson Smith, and Eileen Brady answered the question:

Charlie Hales: “We need to still have a great public school system. Then we need complete streets to get our kids safely to and from schools, something we lack in parts of Portland.”

Jefferson Smith: “We can look at what san francisco and seattle have been working on, that’s paid sick leave. we can think about planning our commnity to make sure homes are near schools, parks, and grocery stores.”

Eileen Brady: “My number one priority is developing jobs and economic underpinning. Jobs save lives, jobs save families - Im sorry, I’m distracted by — look at this … we’re in a school where the roof is dripping, into a garbage can. We have a schools facilities issue.”

Some candidates talked about expanding the city’s clout in child and family health. Sitting Councilwoman Amanda Fritz said she’d be willing to push harder in a second term to get the city involved in air quality monitoring.

One of her challengers, State Representative Mary Nolan said she’d encourage the city to step out ahead of the state on issues like sick leave requirements, and lead by example.

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