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CD-1 Candidates Square Off In Debate

The two major party candidates for Oregon’s First District seat squared off Friday at Portland’s City Club.

One questioner sought proof of the candidates’ cross-over credentials. Asked for an instance where she differs with her party’s majority, Democrat Suzanne Bonamici offered a point of fiscal policy.

“I do not support continuing the Bush tax cuts for millionaires, which many Democrats voted for. I do not  support continuing tax breaks to big oil companies making record profits, which many Democrats support,” said Bonamici.

Republican Rob Cornilles cited his view on the Obama administration’s 2009 health care legislation, which puts him at odds with many Republicans.

“I took a lot of heat in my own primary because I said I did not believe we should spend time in 2011 repealing that act, because it was an exercise in theater, more than getting something done,” said Cornilles.

Both candidates took Congressional Republicans and Democrats to task for ignoring a Presidential committee’s report on deficit reduction.

The state begins mailing ballots for the First District special election on January 13th.