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Ceasefire Oregon Collects Unwanted Firearms

A board member with the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation says the group has heard from about a half-dozen people wanting to turn in guns since recent shootings in Oregon and elsewhere.

Mary Tompkins says Oregonians in Astoria, Eugene and other spots have sought information about turning in weapons, or hosting gun turn-ins. While Ceasefire has collected about 8,000 guns over the years, she says some people are hesitant to get rid of weapons they no longer want.

“Although we say, ‘no questions asked’, I still really feel those young folks that do have guns that are intending to use those guns to commit a crime are still very fearful of the police,” Tompkins said.

Ceasefire offers a $75 Fred Meyer gift certificate for each gun turned in. She’s heard of similar events back east that offer incentives worth as much as $200.

Tompkins works with the part of Ceasefire that focuses on disposing of unwanted firearms. The group’s advocacy arm is pursuing an assault weapons ban and other legislative measures.

Oregon’s sheriff’s departments will also accept unwanted firearms at any time, but gun owners are encouraged to call first.

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