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Challenger Enters Race For Deschutes DA

A former Bend City Councilor is launching a bid to become the next District Attorney of Deschutes County. Attorney John Hummel says he’ll run against current DA, Patrick Flaherty, in the May primary.

Last month, the state of Oregon agreed to pay a total of $700,000 to three former prosecutors dismissed by Flaherty early in his tenure. Hummel says under Flaherty, the office of the DA has become plagued with controversy.

Hummel said, “What this community needs now is someone to help bring us together and to resolve the conflicts that have been created by that office, but we also need someone with criminal law experience and that’s a rare combination. And I bring that.”

Hummel spent two years as the director of a conflict resolution institute at Portland State University. He also spent more than a decade practicing criminal law, first as public defender, then in private practice.

OPB tried to reach Flaherty get his take on the race, but a spokesman said he was meeting with a grand jury and was not available for comment.

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