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Chief Sizer Releases Documents In Campbell Shooting

Portland's police chief released the investigation Tuesday, that detectives conducted into the police shooting death of Aaron Campbell. Kristian Foden-Vencil reports.

The 700-page report contains everything from an interview with the officer who shot Campbell to text messages that Campbell sent during negotiations with police.

Chief Rosie Sizer did not comment on the report, saying she wanted to hear what the community thought about it first.

She did stress, however, that officer involved shootings have dropped by more than half over the last six years and that citizen complaints have decreased, too.

Rose Sizer: "We have done a lot and I believe we will do a lot as we review and analyse the Aaron Campbell case. What I cannot promise is perfect outcomes. I cannot promise that every police action will be perfect and I cannot promise that our jobs will be done without risk."

She commented on Reverend Jesse Jackson's visit to Portland. She says he's not an expert on the use of force, but she welcomes him saying she hopes he can bring healing to the Campbell family and the community.

Documents In The Aaron Campbell Investigation