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Child Poverty Rates Persist In Oregon and Nationwide

A study released this week by the children’s advocacy group, First Focus estimates that by the end of the year 25,000 Oregon children will be living with a parent who’s been unemployed for six months or longer.  That’s a rise of more than 350 percent since 2007.  

The study was done in conjunction with the Urban Institute.  It estimates current child poverty rates throughout the country.  The official data from the US census won’t come out until October.

Bruce Leslie is President of First Focus.   He says one quarter of American children live in a home where the household income is below the poverty line.

‘Our sense of this is this recession has disproportionately harmed kids and that has long term implications for our country,” says Leslie.

The report comes as negotiations in Washington heat up in advance of the fiscal cliff.   Leslie says those negotiations could also have long term implications for child poverty — especially if they affect the child and earned income tax credits which he says help many families stay above the poverty line.

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