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Register-Guard: Springfield Church Accused In Death Lawsuit

The son of a local woman who died three months after she fell and broke her leg on a wet floor is suing the Springfield church where the accident occurred.

Jesse Breeden of Eugene alleges in the wrongful death lawsuit filed Monday in Lane County Circuit Court that First Christian Church of Thurston officials are to blame for the injury, which he says caused medical complications that led to his mother’s death in 2012.

Breeden is seeking $775,000 in the suit.

His mother, Springfield resident Kay Breeden, was carrying her grandchild when she slipped and fell on a floor that had just been mopped at the church on the morning of April 7, 2012, according to the lawsuit.

Kay Breeden fractured her lower right leg in the fall. The injury caused a blood clot and a fatal brain hemorrhage, and ultimately led to her death three months later, the suit alleges.

Kay Breeden was 68 at the time of her death. According to an obituary published in The Register-Guard, she died of a stroke.

A celebration of life in her honor was held at the church where her son alleges she had been injured.

In the lawsuit, Jesse Breeden alleges church officials were negligent by failing to use signs or cones to warn people that the floor was wet; and by mopping the floor at a time when people were using the premises.

Each of those alleged oversights created “a foreseeable and unreasonable risk of harm to patrons walking in the area,” the suit states.

Church officials did not respond this week to requests for comment on the lawsuit.

Jesse Breeden is personal representative of his mother’s estate. Kay Breeden is survived by two sons and two stepchildren, according to the lawsuit. Follow Jack on Twitter @JackMoranRG . Email .

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