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KOBI-TV: Citizens Discuss Dog Ban At Medford City Council Meeting

Citizens Discuss Dog Ban At City Council Meeting

Medford Mayor Gary Wheeler said a breed-specific ban is not on the table.

But the council gave the green light to a Police Advisory Committee to create restrictions for dangerous dogs and irresponsible owners.

There wasn’t an empty seat in the house at Thursday afternoon’s Medford City Council meeting.

Pit bulls weren’t even on the agenda, but most were there to hear about the possibility of a Medford pit bull ban.

The idea, which was brought up by the Medford Police Department last week, has sparked outrage and concern among dog owners.

Police officials said something needs to be done after dogs killed 11 animals in the past 3 years — half of the attackers were pit bulls.

Mayor Wheeler said the issue will be passed to the police advisory commission. He also tried to ease the community’s concerns, saying a full out ban against any dog breed is unlikely.

That helped ease the minds of some of those in attendance.

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