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City of Beaverton Departments To Move Into 'The Round'

Starting today, many Beaverton City departments move to a new home. City offices are moving to a mixed-use complex known as The Round.

The Beaverton Building will house most of the City of Beaverton departments.

The Beaverton Building will house most of the City of Beaverton departments.

City of Beaverton.

Over the years, The Round went through a series of developers and construction started and stopped several times.

Along the way, the city of Beaverton entered a redevelopment agreement, and in 2012, the city decided one of the Round’s two office buildings would make a good City Hall.

“So we bought the building for 8.6 million,” said Doyle.

Doyle says renovations are almost done, with final touches being put into the new council chambers.

“We now call it (the building) The Beaverton Building. And we are occupying the first, the fourth and fifth floors. The other two floors are completely rented and we’re really happy about that,” Doyle added.

 The only departments not moving are the police, emergency management and the municipal court

 The City of Beaverton website has information about services affected by the move.