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City Staff In Milton-Freewater Can Now Carry Weapons

A policy change in the Northeast Oregon city of Milton-Freewater has made so city employees can now carry concealed weapons on the job. 

The change was approved by the city council Monday night.  It means everybody from city building inspectors to the librarians at the public library can now carry a gun in the course of their duties, so long as it’s concealed and accompanied by a valid concealed handgun license.

The provision doesn’t apply to teachers, since they’re not city employees.  And guns are still banned inside the municipal court for everyone except law enforcement.  If an employee’s job takes them on to private property, City Manager Linda Hall says citizens can block that employee from carrying a weapon, either by putting up a sign or saying something directly.

“If they make it clear to our employee, ‘Hey, I don’t know whether you’re a concealed weapon permit holder or not, but I’m not comfortable with that,’—We will immediately honor that, no questions asked.”

Hall says the decision to change the policy was carefully weighed.  And while she acknowledges it does carry some risk, she believes in the end it makes people safer.

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