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City Study Says Apartments Without Parking Don't Cause Shortages

A new study of apartment buildings without parking drew dozens to a Portland commission meeting Tuesday.

A city study found that existing apartment buildings without parking are generally not creating shortages on city streets. But it found that most people in those buildings have cars they park on the street.

Richard Lishner said as an architect he tends to support compact growth. But he opposed the rapid change on the horizon if the city allows multiple buildings to go up in his neighborhood.

“This is a disaster. The 20-minute neighborhood does not mean 20 minutes to find a parking space when I come home at night.” 

A neighborhood-run survey found many people agree with Lishner.

But some defended the need for such buildings – for people without cars.

Ted Labbe argued that parking increases the cost to tenants. He lobbied against the building moratorium that some neighbors want.

“It would drive up rents, contract the stock of available apartments, and further price out long-time residents.”

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