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Clackamas County Approves Moratorium On Medical Marijuana

Clackamas County has adopted a one-year moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. The ordinance approved Thursday took effect immediately.

Commissioners acted in response to a new state law that gives local governments the opportunity to impose a temporary moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Four Clackamas County Commissioners voted in favor of the moratorium and one commissioner was absent, but she sent in a letter in favor of the ordinance, too.

John Ludlow is a Clackamas County commissioner. He says the moratorium will allow the county to make an informed decision about potential regulations.

“We know this affects some businesses and we don’t like that,” Ludlow said. “We have a lot of problems and concerns with how it’s regulated.”

Medical marijuana dispensaries are licensed through the Oregon Health Authority. Three dispensaries are licensed in Clackamas County and what will happen to them is still to be determined.

The ordinance charges the county Sheriff’s Office with enforcing the moratorium.

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