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Clackamas County Fires Worker At Center Of Tampering Investigation

Clackamas County officials are continuing efforts to reassure voters in the face of a ballot-tampering scandal.Officials have fired the worker allegedly involved.

County attorneys say temporary elections’ worker Deanna Swenson is suspected of filling in votes on at least two ballots, and has been fired.

Officials from the Justice Department, Secretary of State’s office and the county clerk’s office declined to attend the board’s special meeting.

But Clackamas County commission chair Charlotte Lehan says she’s learned from justice officials they are looking at all the ballots Swenson touched.

Lehan said, “They had sequestered all the ballots that had been handled by this individual and that they would be examining all of them individually. We don’t know if that’s 20 or 200.”

Lehan’s election opponent, John Ludlow called the board meeting “posturing.”

Compromised ballots won’t count in the election — according to county attorneys.

County officials say that election workers can no longer take pencils into ballot-counting areas, and that more eyes are watching the ballot-counting process.

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