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Clackamas County Cooler Crackdown Leads To Citations

New policies around alcohol in Clackamas County parks led to more than a dozen citations over the weekend. But officials say many more visitors were kicked out of the park – either for possessing alcohol, or for refusing to allow police to search their coolers. 

Floating the Clackamas

Floating the Clackamas

Rob Manning/OPB

The 14 citations are an increase over the previous few weeks, when officers wrote just a handful of tickets.

County commissioners approved an emergency ordinance last week to allow police searches in county parks.

The new power is aimed at the many people who visit two parks on their way to rafting on the Clackamas River.

Alcohol has long been prohibited from the parks — except by special permit. But it’s legal on state-regulated waterways, like the Clackamas. 

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